Do you own the sites?

Yes, these are our own sites that you will not find on other platforms.

Do you accept external sites?

No, sorry.

Is it possible to see the domain names?

Yes, for security reasons we disclose them to accounts with a balance higher than $19,00.

Can I select the site I want to order from?

In the simple mode, the allocation is automatic and random. Once the order is executed, we give you access to the article and therefore to the site.
In the expert mode, you select yourself the domains on which you want to buy a backlink.

Can I see the metrics of the sites?

Yes, they are all here https://www.linkatis.com/sites

Does the price include the text of the article?

Yes, the writing is included.

How do I choose a site category?

In simple mode, the sites are generalist, it is the article that will be thematized according to the chosen anchor and the targeted site. In expert mode, you can select a thematized site.

Can I put a URL as an anchor?

Yes, no problem.

In case of multiple subsequent orders for the same site, do you guarantee not to be on the same domain?

Yes, it is automatic, it is impossible to be twice on the same domain.

How long do the links last?

It is unlimited.

What payment methods are available?

By credit card with the payment processor Stripe.

Do you provide an invoice after payment is made?

Yes, a downloadable invoice is generated upon payment.

How does your credit system work?

You can either credit your account for multiple orders. Or you can pay only for your single order.

Do the credits expire?